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Megan Elizabeth Barker

Los Angeles based SAG Actress

Light and Shadow


"To be or not to be?" is not the question. The question is, “Should we work together?!” If you want a versatile actress who can embody strong female characters AND can still be the all American girl next door AND can be your “grew up too fast” indie darling- then you’ve come to the right actress. In Arkansas, I grew up with a mixture of that sweet southern charm that made me fun and likable. But then I was also living in a place where I had the desire to run around in the woods and pretend I was an action hero. From the time I could walk, I would pretend I was a superhero. I was aptly named “Supergirl.” But in the middle of all that was a deep desire for connection and an interest in the profound workings of what it means to be human. So you'd think acting was a pretty obvious choice? Actually it wasn’t. I started acting totally on accident. I had no idea what "drama" was but I needed an elective, and art was full, so I put my name down. But from my first monologue I was hooked. 


Since coming to LA, I have starred in numerous short films and had the honor of treading several LA Stages. I have primarily worked on feature films the last few years, "Picture Perfect Lies," and other leading roles in "The Circular City" and "Angel Mountain." I have several TV roles as well: a  co-star role on "All American" (the CW),  a lead  role on"Betrayed" (Investigation Discovery), and a co-star on Wild West Chronicles (INSP). I wrapped a romcom in Atlanta this past summer, and I am already looking forward to a few film roles in 2022.​​

In order to continue to work on my craft, I have studied at John Rosenfeld Studios. I am also enrolled in martial arts and sword fighting classes to stay sharp.


When not working on projects, I can be found working at a Mental Health Clinic where we help young adults find jobs or go back to school while recovering from mental health issues or addictions. 


If any of this makes you think I might be someone fun to work with (and I promise you I am- I love a good collaboration), then reach out and let’s find a way to work together!

My Story
Light and Shadow

New, Notable, and Right Now

IMG_2312 2.jpg

NEW: I recently re-enrolled in a theatrical combat class, and I am back to working on my swordplay and hand to hand combat. 

IMG_4306 2.jpg

NOTABLE: My amazing scene partner and I were nominated for best acting Duo at the Indie X Film Fest July Awards. It was an honor to work with him, and I am so happy that this beautiful piece is getting recognition!  

Screen Shot 2022-08-08 at 8.57.11 PM.png

RIGHT NOW: I am working on developing a script for a series that I am incredibly passionate about. I hope to tell a necessary meaningful series of stories through this series. 

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